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Get in the spirit with these festive fun family events!

Scuba Santa and Christmas Lights Tour!


This evening will be a night of Family Fun. Come for some of the fun or all its up to you!

  • 4:00pm- Event starts with pictures in the pool with Scuba Santa. Yes underwater! Come blow bubbles under water with Santa! Bring suit & goggles.*
  • 5:30pm- Meet in the Wellness Studio to build gingerbread houses, have cocoa and treats.
  • 6:30pm- We will load busses at the Back Desk to stroll around Billings to look at Christmas Lights and maybe do a little caroling.
  • 7:45pm- Return to the YMCA.

*If the child is under 12 and is a red band, they need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian IN the pool.

*If the child is under 12 and is a green band, the parent/guardian needs to be poolside but not necessarily IN the pool.

Bring items to dry off and change in our locker rooms if you want to do both events!

Registration is required but both events are free.

We hope you will join in on our celebration of the Christmas Season.