ChildWatch is designed for members with a Family Membership. This popular program provides a safe and fun environment for children while parents are exercising or participating in YMCA programs. The ChildWatch Program is available for up to 3 hours per day whether you are in or out of building. Childwatch is a peanut free zone.

REGISTRATION: Participants need to be registered. You can register online or in house in either case you must bring in/email/fax current immunizations to have on file prior to starting. NO EXEMPTIONS.

Ages 8 weeks - 12 years

ChildWatch Information

  • Free benefit for Family Memberships Only (IN BUILDING-parent stay at the YMCA)
  • Prior to starting
    • Children must be registered
    • Up-to-date immunization records must be on file - No Exemptions*
  • Care provided OUT OF BUILDING (parents leave the YMCA)
    • Up to 3 hours per day while parent/guardian is in the facility
    • $5 per hour for up to 3 hours per day while parent/guardian is out of the facility
      • Members must have out of building form and payment method on file prior to using out of building care
  • Parents must send items their child(ren) may need while at ChildWatch: Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks (NO PEANUT PRODUCTS) and drinks and appropriate outerwear. 

*Protecting children is a priority at the Billings Family YMCA therefore we have a policy in ChildWatch that all children participating in this program must be vaccinated.  We will not accept any exemptions for immunizations (this includes medical and religious exemptions).  The policy is in place due to the nature of our ChildWatch program being a drop-in center, with children ranging from 8 weeks to 12 years old and serving hundreds of children weekly that circulate through this program.


Children with the following symptons are not allowed in ChildWatch:

  • Fever*
  • Uncontrolled Coughing
  • Breathing difficulties (wheezing)
  • Poor food or fluid intake
  • Nasal discharge that is green or yellow
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea*
  • Skin infections

* Must be symptom free without Tylenol for 24 hours before eligible to return to ChildWatch