Guests are those individuals who are not regular members of the Billings Family YMCA, a program participant, or any individual accompanying a program participant.  It is the policy of the Billings Family YMCA to deny guest access to any individual listed on any sexual and/or violent offender registry.  Guest may utilize the Billings Family YMCA up to 8 times per year, the first visit is no charge.  Guest's must provide valid photo identification upon entry.  Guests 12-17 year old must be signed in on the first visit by a parent, guardian, or responsible party 18 years or older.  Guests are expected to conduct themselves appropriately during their visit.  Guest visits are a privilege and can be revoked if determined necessary by the Billings Family YMCA.

Types of Passes: Fee:
Youth Day Pass (17 & under) $3
Adult Day Pass (18+) $10
Family Day Pass (no access to ChildWatch) $20
Week Pass (18+) 1 per calendar year $20