A complete list of rules and regulations for the McDonald Family Deep Pool and First Interstate Bank Shallow Pool.


All YMCA Members and guests must follow the outlined pool rules and regulations while they are on the pool deck and in either of the pools. Failure to comply with YMCA policies will result in being removed from the pool.



  • No entering the pools unless there is a lifeguard on deck.
  • You must obey the lifeguards at all times.
  • Drains must be visible from guard chair for pool operation.
  • Report any injuries to the lifeguard immediately.
  • You must shower before entering the pools or hot tub.
  • No Band-Aids allowed in the pool.
  • No open sores or infectious diseases (ringworm, athlete’s foot, pink eye, etc.) allowed in the pool.
  • No outside floatation devices other than a coast guard approved life jacket.
  • Swimsuits are required – no cutoff jeans or other casual wear.
  • No floating swimsuits.
  • Marshmallows are a teaching aid only.
  • We recommend that you do not use face masks. 
  • Face masks are not allowed during swim lessons.
  • Water Exercise equipment is for Water Exercise only, it is not to be used during open swim.
  • When playing with basketball hoop you must stay in water, no deck basketball allowed.
  • Diving is allowed from the deepest end of the deep pool, ONLY
    •  No diving in the shallow end
    •  Diving from pool side is not allowed
    •  No back dives or flips
    •  No jumping in backwards or twisting
    •  No leaning back while jumping of any kind
  • No gum allowed in the pool.
  • No glass bottles or food allowed in the pool area.
  • No horse play allowed, keep your hands to yourself.
  • No pushing or holding others under water.
  • No hanging onto other people’s backs.
  • No being on other persons’ shoulders.
  • No throwing other people in the air.
  • No slapping the noodles or kickboards on the water.
  • No throwing balls at other people.
  • No yelling, screaming, or inappropriate language.
  • No inappropriate behavior (Public Display of Affection).
  • No running.
  • No playing on the ladders or stairs.

Children under the age of 12 Swim Test Rules

  • All children under 12 must have an adult 18 years or older in the pool within arm’s reach at all times.
    • All children under 12 must take the swim test for a green band to swim independently and to go in the deep end.
    • If the child does not pass the swim test, an adult 18 or older must be in the pool with the child.
    • A second test may not be taken until the next visit.
    • All children who do not pass the swim test must wear a red band and be within arm’s reach of an adult 18 or older.  
    • All children who pass the swim test and are under the age of 12 must have an adult 18 or older in the pool area.
  • Parents with multiple children with red bands may have one child in the pool without a lifejacket: all other children must be in a lifejacket.
  • You must be 12 or older to enter the hot tub.


  • Children that have not been swim tested by the YMCA staff and received a green band will require a parent/guardian over the age of 18 to be in the pool with them at all times.


  • For children under the age of 12, one parent/guardian over the age of 18 will be required to stay in the shallow pool during the child’s swim time. 

Green Band - Swimmer:  Green bands are specific to the deep pool only. Swimmers may use all designated areas of the pool, including the deep end.  Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by a guardian (18 years and older) at all times.

Red Band - Non Swimmer: Non-swimmers are limited to the shallow pool and the shallow end of the deep pool.  Children under the age of 12 must be supervised and within arms reach of a guardian (18 years and older) at all times.  The adult must be actively supervising the child. If the guarding is supervising more than one Red Band child, one child may be without a life jacket, but all other must be in a Coast Guard Approved life jacket.