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A 16-week series of nutrition and physical activity classes offered in partnership with Intermountain Health ( SCL Health).

Diabetes And Heart Disease Prevention Program

This program, offered in partnership with St. Vincent Healthcare, is specifically tailored for individuals at risk for diabetes or heart disease. Led by St. Vincent Healthcare Registered Dietitians and Y trainers, this comprehensive program aims to help participants make sustainable improvements in their eating habits and physical activity levels. 

The program consists of a 16-week series of nutrition and physical activity classes, followed by 6 months of follow-up classes to ensure continued progress and support. 

For more information about this transformative program, please contact Rene Lindeen R.D. at 237-8599. 

Recognized By The CDC

Intermountain Health (formerly St. Vincent’s Healthcare) Diabetes Prevention Program earns CDC Full Recognition, one of only four DPP programs in the state of Montana to receive this recognition! For the past 10 years the program has helped more than 1000 participants make progress in healthy lifestyle habits.