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EMBARC (Empowerment and Motivation to Build Accountability and Renew Confidence)

Building a supportive community of people focused on reaching their personal wellness goals and overcome gym intimidation.

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Hi! I'm your instructor, Kim. I am living, breathing proof that the path to becoming your healthiest self can be a winding and messy journey. I've been everywhere on the road from gymitated to my healthiest self, back and forth and everything in-between! I can't wait to "EMBARC" on a journey to reach our healthy lifestyle goals together!

Each week, we will meet at our designated location (YMCA lobby) and begin with a goal-setting session (approx 15 min) to set intentions for the week.

  • Each participant will keep/bring a notebook to keep track of their goals and progress from week to week.
  • We will also (voluntarily) share successes or struggles from the previous week to celebrate and support one another.
  • Upon completion of the goal-setting session, we will engage in a low-impact activity as a group to build community and get active.
  • This is a safe place, so please come as you are!

During the summer months and when the weather is nice, this
may include outdoor activities such as walking.

During colder/wetter/windy weather we will walk indoors or become familiar with various low-impact activities and/or equipment (dumbells,
resistance bands, etc.) as well as modifications for activities to suit a variety of ability levels.