Join us in the worlds largest knee bending party.  31 days of heavy lifting and a lot of fun.

Sorinex Squatober ™ Support Group

The Y always has your back! We created a support group because.. Well.. You'll need it! Our Y staff rallied together last season and participated in the nationwide knee bending party and we thought to ourselves... “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone attended this party?!” Join us in joining Sorinex Squatober ™  for an elite Squat challenge.

Join us for a month filled with workouts provided by Sorinex! Your Y fitness team is here cheer you on, keep you accountable, remind you we never skip leg day, and if absolutely necessary drag you kicking and screaming to the squat bar.  There will be daily weight room checkins and plenty of opportunities to win free Y swag for hitting new PRs.

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