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This 6-week program is designed to provide you with everything you need to learn how to lift weights and get stronger.

Join our 6-week beginner-friendly program designed to provide you with all the essentials for learning how to lift weights and gain strength. Whether you're taking your first steps into weightlifting or simply looking to build strength, our program is crafted to guide you towards your goals. 

Our supportive personal trainers will be by your side throughout the journey, offering instruction on exercises to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in the gym environment. Together, we'll focus on laying a solid foundation for your lifting journey. 

Throughout the program, our trainers will lead you through a progressive series of exercises targeting various muscle groups and emphasizing proper lifting techniques. You'll learn the importance of maintaining correct form, mastering breathing techniques, and safely increasing weight as you progress. 

We ask participants to commit to attending two 45-minute classes per week. This commitment offers ample opportunities to practice newfound skills, receive personalized guidance from our instructors, and stay on track towards achieving your fitness goals. 

Please note: To accommodate high demand and ensure everyone has the chance to benefit, participants are limited to one session per calendar year.