Time to showcase those dance skills your kids have learned through class!

Upcoming Dance Schedule In Preparation For Dance Recital:       

All classes will continue through May 18. Participants not registered for April & May months will not be allowed to participate in the Spring Recital.

We ask that your child be present for every class through May 17th in order to give your child the most preparation and confidence leading up to the recital.



Dress Rehearsal will be held at the Lincoln Center Auditorium for the following classes:

Tuesday Tiny Dancer class: TBD

Tuesday Pre-Ballet class: TBD

Monday Hip Hop Classes: TBD


Wednesday Tiny Dancer class: TBD

Wednesday Pre-Ballet class: TBD

Thursday Ballet/Ballet I Classes: TBD

Professional Individual and group photos will be done during Rehearsal time and available for purchase by Lyman Photography.