Locker Room Updates

The men’s shower fix will begin on Monday, November 2nd.  Please note that during the shower fix, there will be no access to the showers, hot tub, steam room, sauna or access to the pools from the men’s locker room. However, locker access and restrooms will remain open during this time.
A temporary wall will be constructed to allow for a temporary men’s shower area on the west side of the Scheels Family Locker Room.  Men may also choose to use the east side of the Family Locker room but please note this will remain a co-ed area. Members will need to continue to use the private shower rooms in this area when undressing.  Members that have reserved lockers in the Men’s Locker room have the option of reserving a day use locker in the Family Locker room during this time. Please see the Membership Staff to reserve a locker.
The women’s steam room repairs began November 9th.  The women’s locker room will remain open during this time as the repairs will be done after hours.
We will send out communication via email, facility signage and our mobile app with any updates and once the repairs are complete and the locker rooms are able to reopen fully.
Thank you for your cooperation while we continue to improve your Y.


As a reminder, the work that is being done is a result of the improper installations that occurred when the locker rooms were remodeled in 2014 and was no fault of the YMCA. The contractor is working with the Y to fix the issues that have occurred.