YMCA Triathlon

Fight winter hibernation! Join our Y-Tri and earn workout gear and start a great challenge to end 2018 strong! You will have four weeks to complete the swim, bike, and run (in any order) with the corresponding mileages. Events may be completed either inside or outside. To qualify for the jacket and a chance at winning a $100 gift card you must start on Oct. 29. Swimming (2.4 miles), biking (112 miles), & running (26.2 miles). The sooner you finish the better the prize! Log forms will be available at the front membership desk starting October 22, and start tracking those miles for that 2018 performance prize!
AGE: 10 +
COST: Members $35
DATES: Prize 1: Oct. 29-Nov. 4
Prize 2: Oct. 29-Nov. 11
Prize 3: Oct. 29-Nov. 18
YMCA First Interstate Shallow Pool:
1 mile = 33 laps (1 lap = down & back)
2.4 miles = 80 laps
Aqua Fit or Aqua Zumba can be substituted for laps, 4 classes must be taken.
See pool schedule for open swim times.

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