2018 Health Goals

The majority of people WILL NOT see any visual changes until they are at least six weeks into a regular workout and healthy eating routine. Your body will go through some amazing changes on the inside that you won’t necessarily see on the scale, just yet. But great things like more energy sleeping better, body circumference shifts could be happening already and with a little patience, consistency, and determination the numbers on the scale will start to change soon.

We all have our own journey and here at the Y we have appreciation and respect for each person’s journey and celebrate all successes!

YMCA Programs that will help you reach YOUR goal!

Every member receives a free Fitness Floor Orientation to get you started. Trained staff will teach you how to use the machines and free weights for a safe an fun experience.
For more information about our Fitness Floor Orientation, call Jenny Miller, Health & Wellness Coordinator 294-1628.

Join the Fitness 101 Class! This is a free class for members and non-members. Designed for individuals new to fitness or those that want a refresher. Trainers work with the class to meet their fitness abilities, help set realistic goals, and find the exercises that are right for you! EXERCISE SHOULD BE FUN!

Click here for more information on Fitness 101

Try a Group Fitness Class! Everyone is welcome and accepted from beginners to advanced levels. Our members pride themselves on the community that together we have created, our instructors are passionate and dedicated to ALL. With more than 150 classes offered a week, free for members, there is sure to be a class or two that is right for you!

Group Exercise Schedule

Want more personal attention? Y Personal Trainers are coaches, motivators, educators, and inspirational leaders who can help you determine your goals and design a program specific to your needs.

For more information about Personal Trainers, call Jenny Miller, Health & Wellness Coordinator 294-1628.

The Y is more than the walls that house the equipment, gyms, health studios, and pools. It’s a community where nearly 14,000 members come together to celebrate their success and support on another in their challenges.

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